In this work package a hierarchical Distributed Model Predictive Control (DMPC) scheme will be designed for a building and blocks of buildings. The DMPC system will oversee and direct the existing control framework in the building to optimise the energy performance by calculating optimal set points and control actions to be taken. Distributed Energy Management will focus on creating scalable mechanisms for managing the energy and minimising the gap between predicted and actual use.


WP4.O1. Develop a stable hierarchical Distributed Control model based strategy for the existing building control framework for efficient energy management in building and a cluster of buildings.
WP4.O2. Achieve sustained energy savings in highly dynamic environments through an adaptive control scheme which changes parameters in the models and controllers.
WP4.O3. Reduce the gap between peak power demand and minimum night time demand by incorporating the market price of energy and air quality metrics into the overall energy management framework.

Project Information

Project Acronym: TOPAs
Project Number: 676760
Call Topic: EeB-07-2015
Project Start Date: 01 November 2015
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Boris Kantsepolsky
Organisation: Motorola Solutions Israel