WP2 targets to create a simple, open and scalable platform for energy performance monitoring and prediction across multiple buildings. Thus, WP2 will provide a suite of tools and methodologies to realise and open BMS approach for cost effective performance monitoring. This work package combines and advances existing technologies developed by the partners that allow the easy engineering, integration and commissioning of buildings systems into analytic environments for the foundation, monitoring and optimisation of building performance.


WP2.O1. Reduce the complexity associated with the engineering of the monitoring infrastructure required to accurately capture real-time building data. This includes software tools to support capturing the functional system design, deployment planning for reliable occupancy monitoring and tools for system configuration and coordination.
WP2.O2. Enable plug and play integration of existing building systems and devices by creating an intelligent platform enabling communication and big data stream processing creating an abstraction layer between the physical systems at the building level, across buildings, decision support tools and the end users of with TOPAs solution.
WP2.O3. Improve the accuracy of indoor localisation solutions through the development of a commissioning and validation methodology leading to reliability indicators that supports the understanding of the building space usage and occupancy monitoring across building blocks.
WP2.O4. Support the creation of value added services that can be built on top of the open BMS approach through creation of a TOPAs cookbook for interacting with TOPAs open interfaces.

Project Information

Project Acronym: TOPAs
Project Number: 676760
Call Topic: EeB-07-2015
Project Start Date: 01 November 2015
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Boris Kantsepolsky
Organisation: Motorola Solutions Israel