EMBIX is a joint venture of Bouygues Immobilier (Real estate developer and planner), Bouygues Energy and Services (Electrician, Facility Managers, and ESCO) and Alstom (Energy, Equipment and Smart Grid specialists), two industrial French companies. As an affiliate of Bouygues Immobilier, leading player on the real estate market and pioneer in Energy Positive Infrastructures and Buildings, EMBIX is addressing the Energy activity of the group.



EMBIX offers a wide range of services with high added value, around two main activities: Consulting services & software development.

Smart Grids & Smart City Consulting services

2embixEMBIX provides consultancy services and works together with its partners (public authorities, city council, architects and urban planners) to design and build Smart Grids ready Eco districts. EMBIX team expertise goes now beyond energy, its historical domain, and addresses other Smart Cities domains, as smart waste management, water management, ITC, etc. One of the main objectives of Smart Grids as developed by EMBIX is to improve the energy performance of the district while enhancing and intensifying efforts to improve the end user standard of living and promoting quality of life. In other words, the Smart Grids Design of the Eco-district will ensure the optimisation of the energy consumption and final bill, as well as maximization of local renewable energy production. Part of EMBIX expertise is its strong focus on the business model, analysing the return of investment of the CAPEX and OPEX of the global operation, while taking into account the local regulatory framework.

Community Energy Management Solution
EMBIX develops a software solution to provide energy management services for eco-districts, featuring the latest advances in Smart Grids technologies. EMBIX platform called Urban Power™ is providing services for the acquisition, monitoring, control, forecast and optimization of the energy consumption and power production within a smart city. It is aiming to interface with other urban actors, as Building Management Systems, street lighting systems, decentralized electricity generation (Solar Panels, CHP, etc.), electrical vehicle charging system, and propose a global optimization of the usage of the energy. The EMBIX platform is highly scalable and flexible, and streamlines the complex process of meter data collection, from different technologies and providers. It aims to deliver data to different others systems (internal or external, as billing systems, Utilities Energy management Systems, Aggregator systems, etc...).

Project Information

Project Acronym: TOPAs
Project Number: 676760
Call Topic: EeB-07-2015
Project Start Date: 01 November 2015
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Boris Kantsepolsky
Organisation: Motorola Solutions Israel