The TOPAs Consortium has initiated and hosted 2 workshops at the latest Sustainable Places 2018 Event, held in Aix-les-Bains, France on June 27-29, 2018.
The first workshop, named: Performance Gap: Reducing the performance gap between predicted and actual energy performances at the level of buildings and blocks of buildings.  With representatives from 9 sister projects:  TOPAs, MOEEBIUS, HOLISDER, HIT2GAP, E2District, INSITER, NOVICE, RECO2ST, and ExcEED, the participants of the workshop dealt with understanding the remaining barriers and opportunities in reducing the energy performance gap, while examining the requirements of energy management business models and the roles of both citizens and data management.
The second workshop, named  TOPAs: Tools and services for upscaling energy management from buildings to blocks of buildings, was led by the project's Exploitation Manager and Scientific and Technical Managers, and dealt with demonstrating an open IoT platform for an energy management system capable of adapting to near real-time environmental conditions and occupant behaviour while maximising the use of renewables and minimising energy demand within a district.
A full report of both workshops will be submitted as a deliverable, and will include contributions given by all participants of the workshops.

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Project Information

Project Acronym: TOPAs
Project Number: 676760
Call Topic: EeB-07-2015
Project Start Date: 01 November 2015
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Boris Kantsepolsky
Organisation: Motorola Solutions Israel