Location description
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, Western Europe - Flat plains or gently rolling hills. Climate zone: although its latitude (48°52'0"N) is roughly the same as Vancouver, Paris area benefits from a temperate climate as a result of its location in Western Europe and the warming effects of the Gulf Stream.

Building types
• 5,840 m2 Office space
• Average occupancy : 215 persons
• Delivery year : Summer of 2009
• Certification: HQE (French label for High Environmental Quality)

The Current GAP
Currently the Galeo building does not have a model to predict energy consumption; the gap is driven from the energy targets set out at the construction time. The first goal is to have a better prediction model based on the occupancy of the building, and defining a methodology for the baseline definition. The occupant and FM of the building set the predicted annual consumption (for the RT 2012 area of consumption) to 124 kWh/m2 : Heat : 56 kWh/m²; Cold : 14,28 kWh/m²; Ventilation : 13,30 kWh/m²; Lighting : 11,37 kWh/m²; Offices : 24,20 kWh/m²; Auxiliaries (Utilities,etc): 5,20 kWh/m².

Targeted Scenarios to Reduce the GAP
Cost effective monitoring solution for air quality and a better understanding of balancing energy consumption and environment quality for occupants. Focus on methodology for continuous monitoring of air quality and environmental conditions. Analyse impact maintaining air quality has on energy consumption. This use case will focus on methodology for continuous monitoring of air quality and environmental conditions. As part of the experimentation, GALEO building will be instrumented with air quality sensors, in appropriate spaces (conference room for example). The data will be collected and aggregated for analysis by EMBIX software solution Urban PowerTM already designed to provide energy management services. This will enhance the software by encapsulate air quality targets and models in to predictive model and decision support systems leading to a better environment quality for the building occupants.

Project Information

Project Acronym: TOPAs
Project Number: 676760
Call Topic: EeB-07-2015
Project Start Date: 01 November 2015
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Boris Kantsepolsky
Organisation: Motorola Solutions Israel